Infrared Knee Brace

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Is your knee is pain still holding you back? Get relief with our
infrared knee brace!

Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse
injury, or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis.
will vary depending on the cause. Symptoms of knee injury can include pain,
swelling, and stiffness.




Lifesaver For Calming Your Knee Pain

Our heated knee pad uses graphene heating film as the core technology. It
would generate far infrared heat wavelength therapy and activate nucleic acid
proteins and other biological molecules inside our body cells to provide deep
physical therapy. 

The heating knee pad can be used to relieve muscular aches and joint
pains associated
 with overexertion, strains, and sprains, as
well as pains associated with arthritis, meniscus, osteoarthritis, etc.




Advanced Technology & Safe Design

The advantages of graphene heating films are light, safe, stable
 and long service life. The wavelength of
far-infrared radiation generated by the graphene heating film is similar to
that of the human body. 

This attribute can promote blood circulation and increase cell
 and therefore lead to better health. Our heating knee pad
is set to work for 1 hour each time so that you do not
need to worry about long-time heating after falling asleep.




Adjustable Temperature & Fast Heating

High-tech new material graphene is used as a heating element in
this heated knee pad, and it provides even surface heating. You can control the
temperature of this heated knee brace by pressing the switch button to change
the power. 

Our heating knee brace has 3 modes of temperature ranged
from 100.4°F to 113°F. The heat can be adjusted to your
preferred level quickly and uniformly.




Enjoy Knee Physiotherapy Anytime And Anywhere

This heating knee pad is light, soft and easy to carry. USB
interface design
 can connect the computer, the power bank, the car
charger, the USB output interface of the home appliances, not to be restricted
by time, the health of you and your family at any time and anywhere. 

This heated graphene knee pad is a superb trip and daily life companion.




High-Quality Material & Ergonomic Design

This heated knee pad used top-quality fabric very soft, comfortable,
 stick tightly but not hurt skin. Ergonomic design and
adjustable Velcro offers excellent support and superelastic recovery. 

Our heating knee pad can be easily stretched and will support
your neck without awkward positioning. Moreover, you can remove the graphene
heating film and wash the heated knee brace in mild soapy water.

This heating knee pad is a complete pain relief solution. Built
with graphene heating film inside, deep heating and infrared penetration,
effectively improve blood circulation, relieve tension and alleviate pain.








    • Package for this heated warm knee
      support only includes 1 pcs, so we suggest you buy 2pcs at a time to use on both knees. Perfectly suitable for Father`s Day Gifts


    • Perfect for relieving muscular aches and
      joint pains associated with overexertion, strains, and sprains as well as
      pains associated with arthritis, meniscus, osteoarthritis, bursitis, ACL
      PCL MCL tear etc. Also perfect for outdoor campaigns, such as motorcycle,


    • Fast-heating electric knee pad: heats in
      seconds provides ultra comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, keeps the knee warm, can also be used on calves, thighs,
      arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. Supper comfortable for use


    • 1 button control and 3 heat-settings:
      very easy to operate, you can control the heating temp and time totally by yourself. The power button with LED indicator, it can be operated to red-highest, white medium, blue-lowest temp setting. Short press the
      button for once can change to another heat setting


    • Adjustable and stay in place: two
      bifurcate straps design, hook and loop closure, the heating pad can wrap around and be locked at any leg or arm positions where you need heat compress, you needn't hold it by hand anymore. With a built-in mash bag,
      put an ice bag in, you can use it for cold therapy if need be.


    • Comes with 1 USB cord: the USB cord is
      for portable use, it can be plugged in any power supplies with USB port,
      such as power bank, PC, laptop, desktop computer, car charger.



How It Works




    • Improves joint mobility and allows for faster return
      to daily activities


    • Promotes healing by increasing circulation around
      the tender joint


    • Therapeutic warmth deep into the aching joint and
      surrounding tissues for long-lasting pain relief







    • Material: Breathable Neoprene Material


    • Three heat-settings: red-highest, white medium,


    • Size: 59*21.8 cm



Product parameters:




USB output voltage:5V/DC




    • The first gear ( red light), The
      temperature is about 44


    • The second gear ( white light), The
      temperature is about 41


    • The third gear ( blue light), The
      temperature is about 38



Adapter output voltage:8.5V/DC




    • The first gear ( red light), The
      temperature is 56-65


    • The second gear ( white light), The
      temperature is about 46-55


    • The third gear ( blue light), The
      temperature is about 40-45



Note: There will be 2-4 of error with different measuring instruments and
measuring position!




Package Includes:




    • 1 x Infrared Knee Brace


    • 1 x USB cable


    • 1 x User Manual


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